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Phone conference in Paris


When you rent a meeting room in Paris Gare du Nord at EspacesRé, you can organize your conference call, whichever room you are in, in anticipation or upon your arrival if our phone call conference system, Konftel 55w, is available.

Our professional equipment dedicated to your meeting room

Konftel 55w is a call conference system which can be plugged into any communication device, thanks to OmniSound HD, the exclusive audio technology of Konftel.
To rent our Konftel 55 W allows you a connection to a classic telephone, a mobile phone or your computer. You can easily record your conversation on your SD card (not supplied).

Immediate reactivity for the organization of your conference call in your room

Unexpected phone meeting? We have the solution thanks to our Konftel 55w, directly, easily and immediately connectable in your mobile, landline telephone or computer.

Capacity of our equipment of audioconference

Renting our Konftel 55w allows a conference call with 12 people and 30 square meters surrounding.

A classic phone call or a conference call

For a classic phone call: you can use your mobile phone or use our landline telephone
For a conference call from EspacesRé Paris:
– You have your own number and you can easily reach the system
– You need a dedicated number, we organize in a few hours your conference call.

Which price for your conference call equipment in your meeting room, in Paris ?

The price to rent our Konftell 55 W is 30€ excluding VAT